Paths for DMP graduates

Hello friends! Welcome to my new blog. In my previous blog, I told you that I am pursuing Digital Media Production at Confederation College, in Thunder Bay. I told in detail what I learned in my 2nd and 3rd semester. Today, in this blog I am going write about jobs opportunities that graduates of Digital Media production have.

DMP students studying at DMP lab.

Before telling you about jobs opportunities, I would like to give a short summary of what a DMP student get to learn in this program. A student learns techniques and knowledge to handle equipment like camera, mic, tripods and much more. Importance of lighting in a shoot is taught in this program. He/she learns all aspects of videography, photography, cinematography in this program. A student is taught how to make graphic and 3D logos. Alongside this, web designing is also taught to students. At the end of study, a student acquires all required knowledge to produce a live interactive show and podcast. What content there should be in a vlog or blog to make it successful, is taught to students. Personality and professionalism is developed in a student in this program. Student are taught how to handle social media accounts to promote a business/brand. Students of this program can easily edit photographs and videos with the latest software. A student learns how to write news scripts and become better storytellers including the ethical and social responsibilities that go along with it. A student gains knowledge of sound design here. A student learns how to develop his/her own brand and learn how to position himself/herself in the job market. To the gist of the matter, there is a lot of things a student learns in this program.

International DMP student Harpreet Singh operating Camera.

So now you have a good idea that a student in this program learns many things. Similarly, a student has many paths after this study. Graduates have two options; starting their own business or working for other companies. If we talk about starting their own business, a graduate can become a YouTube blogger, start photography, pre-wedding shoots or shoots at parties. They can also earn money with the help of podcasts. Moreover, making documentaries is also a good way to earn money. If he/she wants to work for a company, then there are lots of opportunities. Graduates can work as a script writer, journalist, and storyteller for a news company. Options to enter then film industry is also available, where he/she can show his/her videography and cinematography skills. Moreover, he/she can also become an editor for film industry by adding compositing and visual effects in the movies. Graduates can work for a promotion company or handle social media accounts of companies/brands. Graduates can work for radio/web station where he/she can help as a crew member or as a director to stream live interactive shows. Doors of music industry are also open for DMP graduates as they know art of sound, and can create their own sound effects.

Spending two years in this program can change one’s life. One can learn a lot, do a lot, earn a lot. The best thing of this program is that it enhances personality of a person and adds professionalism in a person’s life.

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I am a Student pursuing Digital Media Production at Confederation College.

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